Some examples of our work....

Mastering the basics of Microsoft Powerpoint is actually fairly straightforward ....However, if you want to stand out from the crowd, you need something a bit different! Read on to see how we take presentations up to the next level:

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The 'iPad' presentation.

The brief was to come up with a presentation that epitomised the new technological advancements and innovative course that the Company wanted to portray to the shareholders. We came up with the idea of a presentation that mimicked the taste and flavour of the then recently launched IPAD2, relying on navigation by the click of an "app" rather than the conventional, slide to slide layout that everyone is familiar with. Moreover, there were 18 text and data contributors and over 180 pages in the final cut! Quite a coordinators nightmare!.However, the end result was a revolution in presentations! Its first outing achieved a standing ovation from the Directors of this global, multi-million pound business.


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Endurance, safety and efficiency!

When you are in the middle of the ocean and reliant on your equipment to help you survive - you don't want anything to break - nor any unnecessary extras that may trip you up! This was the inspiration behind this clean, 'to the point' and impactful presentation. With hidden drop down menus, like you may find on a web page, the presenters were able to jump to any part of the presentation at any time - and also to some parts that were not required "unless requested"! Full of hyperlinks, and complex animations going on in the background, the captive audience were swept off their feet with its content and style.


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Par for the course...

Marketing Presentation Presented to an interview panel for a job in his dream job - if only we could help him improve his golf too!


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Bubbles, hothouses and gorillas!

Hubris was what it was all about. We had to look it up too! But when the presentation was finished, eveything was much clearer, and hopefully Lord David Owen thought so too.


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Something to get your teeth into!

Marketing Presentation A simple presentation to an interview panel for a job in the dentistry profession, using a website-style drop-down menu for easy navigation to any page of the pitch at the click of a button!