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News & Events

23 / Aug / 12
Our website designers upgraded to Dreamweaver CS6, for the very latest in web technology from CS5.5. >>

05 / March / 12
One of our powerpoint presentations received a standing ovation from the Directors of a billion dollar multinational company. >>

23 / April / 11
TDM Solutions designed and installed a database for a product development team - reducing their workload by 75%!. >>

What They Say


"I don't know how we managed without you!"

-J Mitchell, Marketing Manager


Welcome to TDM Solutions Ltd!

Guided by experience and driven by the deep insight and understanding that our knowledge of software and administration tools gives us, we specialise in exploiting the powerful but often under-utilised software that already exists in your business, unlocking your company's true potential.

By combining DM techniques with our simple strategy, we can offer you tailor-made solutions, to help:

  • Produce easy-to-read templates for interpreting and reading your data
  • Facilitate the whole reporting process and standardise your reporting systems
  • Create exciting, interactive presentations to showcase your business
  • Simplify procedures, reduce errors in reporting and significantly reduce the number of repetitive tasks
  • Design and build your very own website individually tailored to conform to your corporate identity.

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What We Do

TDM Solutions Ltd has been created specifically for you, in order to solve your direct marketing, website and business administration problems, helping to reduce your workloads, simplify daily tasks, reduce errors and make your systems work for you! With more than 26 years working in the Industry, we have a wealth of experience in all areas of Direct Marketing, including website design, data analysis, statistical templates and powerpoint presentations!