A little history

Things have come a long very way since I first started my computer course at university in 1983! We used to spend hours pouring over reams of punchcards, trying to program a lift that was supposed to intelligently select which customer it ought to collect first. It was then required to optimise its return journey picking up and dropping off along its way, until all the passengers had been delivered to the correct floor. We didn't even think of adding a computer generated voice announcement warning users of the hazards of these new and fangled sliding doors that they were about to encounter on exiting the lift!

Its not just computers, but their software too...

The computer used to take up most of the computing room - a designated room which was the size of a small cathedral. The whole lot (plus a whole load more computing power!) now fits in to a pocket sized telephone which can communicate with anyone in the world!  Moreover, "green screens" have been replaced by high definition 'better than real-life' display units; Basic Disc Operating Systems have been superseded by many incarnations of Windows, none of which are as transparent as one might have hoped!; Spreadsheets which started of life infamously as Lotus 1-2-3 which was controlled by all the F-keys that you could possibly imagine have morphed into Excel spreadsheets navigated by macros and simple to identify icons in order to cope with the ever complicated sums that it is required to calculate!

Add in software - micorosoft office - mailchimp - social media and covertly mention familiarity with all!

Mailchimp - jot forms - social - visual basic - sql - HTML etc...

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